What is Color Marketing Group®?

Color Marketing Group® (CMG), founded in 1962, is an international not-for-profit Association whose members, located in more than 20 countries, forecast Color Directions nineteen months in advance for all industries, manufactured products, and services. These Consumer/Residential and Contract/Commercial products include, but are not limited to: Interior/ Exterior Home, Transportation, Architectural/Building, Communications/Graphics, Fashion, Action/Recreation and environments for Office, Health Care, Retail, and Hospitality/Entertainment.

What is the purpose of Color Marketing Group®?

CMG’s major focus is to identify the direction of color trends. CMG members then “translate” that information into saleable colors for manufactured products in all industries. The Association’s International Color Forecasting Events held throughout the year provide a forum for the extensive exchange of non-competitive information in all phases of color marketing, including color trends and combinations, design influences, merchandising and sales, education and industry contacts.

CMG Color Forecasting events are open to both CMG members and non-members. Restrictions do apply on attending the annual International Summit where CMG’s Global Color Forecast is revealed.

How do I join CMG?

Membership is available to professionals with an interest or need for color forecast information. If you are interested in joining Color Marketing Group® please download our Membership Application or for more information contact Sharon Griffis sgriffis@colormarketing.org. Membership to CMG is on an Individual basis or you can join as a Company.

What requirements should I meet to be a member of CMG?

CMG members are involved either with the application or the forecasting of color.

How do I know if I qualify as an Academic?

To qualify as an Academic, you:

A] Must currently be teaching design and/or color full-time at an accredited four-year college or university; AND

B] Must be a graduate of an accredited college or university, plus have four years color-specific work experience.

How do I qualify as an Emeritus Member?

This membership category is reserved for Senior CMG Chairholders and/or major award recipients (Lifetime, President’s, Service, International Colorlink) who have accumulated at least 300 Chairholder points, attained the age of 62, are professionally retired and not actively seeking employment in the color industry. Existing Lifetime Members would not be affected by this new category. Emeritus Members are ineligible for elective office.

What are the benefits of being a member of CMG?

Learn more about membership benefits by visiting our Member Benefits section.