Six Decades of Color!

Color Marketing Group® members, Montaha Hidefi and Doty Horn, found a wealth of information while analyzing 60 years of CMG archives. They discovered a history of societal trends affecting color and design preferences, as well as the evolution of CMG color stories as told by participants over the decades. They were amazed by the colors that trended each year and the colors that remained popular despite difficult times such as recessions and natural disasters. They shared their findings during last year’s International Summit in their Keynote presentation, “The CMG Color Story Evolution.”  The presentation recording, together with a printed card showing CMG’s top forecast colors over the six decades is available to purchase.

The card includes:

  • NCS chipped samples with both NCS and HEX notations
  • The forecasted colors grouped by decade AND color family
  • A key macro trend per decade from the 60’s to the 2010’s
  • The key drivers per decade.

The 43-minute video presentation addresses:

  • The colors that were most forecast for each decade.
  • The colors that crossed from one decade to another.
  • The colors that are trending back.
  • The color family that best represent sixty years of color and design preferences

PURCHASE THE CARD AND RECORDING FOR $80 plus shipping (to the US and Canada only. For international destinations please email