The future and growth of Color Marketing Group® is driven by members who participate in committees, work on projects, and develop the special programs of CMG’s Strategic Plan. Through volunteering, careers and membership value grow as you connect, learn, and work alongside fellow color design professionals.

“Color Marketing Group (CMG) has forecasted color for over sixty years. In addition, CMG has evolved alongside the color industry because of its volunteer members and our position as “The Premier International Association for Color Design Professionals®”. Our volunteers make it possible to deliver our World Color Forecast™ and reports that help you deliver products in the right color at the right time. Your contributions as a volunteer are valuable to CMG and the business of color. On behalf of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, I invite you to join a committee or a project task force by emailing Sharon Griffis, Executive Director below.” – Sandy Sampson, CMG VP of Education.

We have many opportunities for your involvement and growth in a CMG committee. Grow your CMG Membership value by participating on a committee and becoming an integral part of the Association.


This new committee, launched in January 2023, will advance the educational and learning opportunities available to CMG members. The committee will focus on the key areas of:

  • Accreditation
  • Color Application
  • Color Marketing
  • Evaluation/Feedback
  • Forecasting
  • Theory/Standards

Help us to develop a strategic plan for this committee, identify educational opportunities and deliver to our goals.


Join CMG’s VP Color Forecasting to ensure consistency of deliverables across all the ChromaZone Workshops and other events. Each Workshop needs Facilitators, Co Facilitators, and Champions to support our forecasting process before, during and after each workshop. This committee also oversees the steering process of our World Color Forecast, liaising with the Regional Liaisons for Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America.


Work with CMG’s VP Communications & PR to develop annual communications and public relations strategies for CMG to optimize information flow to all CMG internal and external audiences. This committee is involved with our monthly Color Alert® program, quarterly ColorChips newsletter as well as our Roving Reports. Skills in digital marketing and copy writing are a bonus.


Join CMG’s VP Marketing to develop and implement a one to five year marketing strategy for CMG’s internal and external audiences. Our Marketing Committee works on a variety of projects:

  • Awards Program
  • Brand Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Member outreach
  • Member Surveys
  • Trade Shows
  • Website maintenance and development


The main goal of this committee is to maintain highest level of CMG professional membership and composition, including member recruitment and retention, engagement and leadership, member benefits.  Other areas of focus include:

  • ColorBridge mentor program
  • ColorChat™ monthly virtual meetings
  • Community engagement through our member platform, Glue Up


This committee researches sponsorship opportunities and creates targeted packages for internal and external sponsors. Join us to oversee sponsorship activities internationally in collaboration with our Executive Director.


CMG’s Board members and officers are CMG experts who have volunteered their time, and whose leadership and vision is recognized by their peers. All CMG Board Members are elected by the membership. CMG Members may be qualified to run for the Board of Directors after 2 years of consecutive membership. Board and former Board Members can be elected to the Executive Committee.

When To Join a Committee

Each summer, CMG’s Executive Committee updates the strategic plan. From this plan, new and continuing projects are assigned to each committee. Our Directors lead committees and are instrumental in building value for the group. We encourage you to join a committee and learn about the projects that they work on.

Most projects usually start in January and run until they are fulfilled. However, each is unique so joining a committee anytime during the year is available. Many hands build strong and better organizations.

How to Find the Right Committee for You

Still on the fence? We have extensive experience in matching your motives to our opportunities. Achieving your goals is important so we are here to guide you to the best committees that will help you achieve them. Email us at with your motives, goals, committee selection(s), and/or questions, and she will suggest committees and projects that fit.

“A longtime CMG member recommended getting involved to get the most from the group. I followed his advice and have experienced growth in color knowledge, forecasting, presenting, committee participation, and leadership over the last 18 years. “ – Sandy Sampson, CMG VP of Education.

Grow your color design professional career through your volunteerism. Color Marketing Group is founded on the collaboration of color experts who work together. Openings await you! Sign up today!