Member Benefits

Second-to-none color forecasting.  A global network of engaged color enthusiasts. Our benefits are designed to help you make more informed choices:



Professional and Company members receive the latest printed color cards with Fan Deck for four regions of CMG’s World Color Forecast™ as well as digital cards with full notations in Munsell, Pantone F&H, NCS, LAB, sRGB, and RAL. Professional-Limited category members receive the current year CMG World Color Forecast™ sRGB Digital Color Card covering all four regions.

Trend Videos

Professional and Company members can access our archives of dynamic video content exploring the color directions and key trend and color stories to help bring the Color Forecasts to life.

Written Reports & Presentations

Professional and Company members receive in-depth written forecast reports, and presentations for each of the four regions as presented during the annual Summit Reveal. Professional-Limited category members receive summary presentations for all four regions.

5-years of Color Evolution

Track the evolution of our forecast colors within families across five years with our Color Evolution card for each region available to Professional and Company members.


Use of the “Member, Color Marketing Group®” appellation on your business card, media pages, and website.


Network with hundreds of professionals around the world – including leading Product, Industrial and Interior Design Professionals, CMF Designers, Marketing & Brand Managers, Artists, Graphic Designers, and Trend Specialists.


Professional and Company members can access our digital color archives covering the last decade, exploring color and trends as forecast by our global members.


Volunteer on one of our Committees to develop your leadership skills and expand your experience.


CMG members receive discounts on registration fees for our global events including in-person and virtual ChromaZone® Color Forecast Workshops, International Conferences, the annual Summit, and our ColorSpeak™ webinars.

Roving Reports

CMG's Roving Reports are shared by CMG members who travel to global trade shows and market, taking pictures and reporting on the top ten color and design trends.

Become a part of our group of like-minded professionals and join the cutting edge of the business of color.

The latest printed and digital Color Forecasts from our four regions:

Digital and printed decks of our entire World Color Forecast collections.

The Digital Color Forecasts from CMG’s regional ChromaZone® Workshops.

Access to our digital color archives covering the last decade, exploring color and trends as forecast by our global membership.

RESIDENTIAL (Interior/Exterior):  The result of Workshop exploration and validation, bringing dimension to how CMG’s World Color Forecast™ will impact the residential/home industry.

LIFESTYLE AND CONSUMER: This report identifies the top 12 color directions that will emerge in durable and non-durable goods and visual communications.

CONTRACT (INTERIOR/EXTERIOR): Prepared by participants involved in the commercial markets, this report considers the use of CMG’s world colors in hospitality, education, healthcare, and office.

COLOR,  MATERIAL & FINISH (CMF): This report explores how CMG’s latest Color Forecast speaks to the influences of material and finish on color.