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Second-to-none forecasting. A global network of engaged color enthusiasts. Our benefits are designed to help you make more informed choices:


Automatic access to our color design professional community as well as access to Color Forecast web archives which allow you to track the movement of color in the last 10 years across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Member Discounts

Member and company rate discounts for all CMG Events around the world, including the local ChromaZone® Color Forecast Workshops.


Use of the “Member, Color Marketing Group®” appellation on your business card, media pages, and website.


Network with hundreds of professionals around the world – including leading Product, Industrial and Interior Design Professionals, CMF Designers, Product, Marketing & Brand Managers, Art & Graphic Designers, and Trend Specialists.

Become a part of our group of like-minded professionals and join the cutting edge of the business of color.

The latest color Forecasts for 2019 and beyond. Our Forecasts are created by members in collaborative and multi-industry workshops.

Digital and printed decks of our entire World Color Forecast collections for 2018 and 2019.

The 2018+ colors digital forecast during CMG’s ChromaZone® Color Workshops held in 2016

2019+ Color Validation: The result of Workshop exploration and validation, bringing dimension to how last year’s Color Forecast materialized in the markets.

Colors in Action: This report gives wings to CMG’s recently revealed 2020+ World Color Forecast™, developing our vision of how trends will shape color combinations in 2019 and beyond.

Colors in Contract: Prepared by participants involved in the commercial markets, this report considers the use of CMG’s world colors in hospitality, education, healthcare, and office.

Color, Material & Finish: This report explores how CMG’s 2020+ colors speak to the influences of material and finish on color.

Colors in Home – we spend much time at home with our families and friends, the colors we select for interior decoration, whether for walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors and accessories such as pillows, drapes, vases and other decorative items, must provide us with harmonious spaces that reflect our personalities and inspire us to live well. Participants in this Workshop will use colors from the new 2020+ CMG World Color Forecast™ to identify three to five color palettes most suitable for the home industry.