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Applicants must currently be involved in color forecasting and/or the creation of colors for a manufactured product(s) or service. You may also be involved in marketing, technical, or design aspects of product colors.

Individual Memberships

Members who remain in good standing for continuous years are eligible for discounted rates as follows:


$ 803

Per Year

 All New Members


$ 737

Per Year

3 years continuous


$ 698

Per Year

4 years continuous


$ 660

Per Year

5 years continuous


$ 616

Per Year

5 years+ & Board Service*

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Membership dues are non refundable.
Individual memberships are non-transferable.
Individual memberships can be upgraded to a Company Membership – conditions apply.  
*Platinum Membership requires 5+ years of continuous membership and full completion of service on CMG’s Board of Directors.

Company Memberships

Company Memberships are an economical solution for entities where multiple people wish to join. Company Memberships are transferable throughout the year, allowing you to change members as staff changes. All Representatives receive the latest Color Forecasts and are able to access all member resources.

There are nine levels of Company Membership:

Basic: $1,100 for 2 Representatives

Level 3: $1,512 for 3 Representatives

Level 4: $1,974 for 4 Representatives

Level 5: $2,348 for 5 Representatives

Level 6: $2,761 for 6 Representatives

Level 7: $3,091 for 7 Representatives

Level 8: $3,470 for 8 Representatives

Level 9: $3,839 for 9 Representatives

Level 10: $4,254 for 10 Representatives

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NOTE: Your Level of Company Membership indicates the number of individuals that can register at the Member Registration Rate for all and any CMG events or Conferences. For example, a Basic Level Membership permits any two individuals to pay the Member Rate, not just the Nominated Representatives. Company Memberships are not eligible for Dues Discounts as outlined in the Individual Membership category. Employees must be employed by the same Company, but this does not include subsidiary or related companies.

Academic Memberships

To qualify for CMG’s Academic Membership you must be currently teaching design and/or color on a full-time basis at an accredited four-year college or university or three-year design college or be studying on a full-time basis at an accredited four-year college or university or three-year design college.

To apply for CMG’s Academic Membership please contact

Annual Fee: $528