2024 ChromaZone Workshops





Discover the Colors of 2026 and Beyond!

Join our 2024 ChromaZone® Forecasting workshops for a unique opportunity to interpret, create, forecast, and select color directions that will elevate your services and manufactured goods. Collaborate with global experts across industries to gain insights into the future of color and design trends, tailored to your specific industry.

2024 Forecasting Season Schedule

This season, we offer a limited number of Virtual, Hybrid, and In-person ChromaZone workshops from February to April, maximizing collaboration and networking opportunities.

Sign up today for a workshop that aligns with your schedule and become a contributor to the 2026+ World Color Forecast™.

North American Region – Four Workshops

March 20-21: Virtual Marathon ChromaZone (English)

March 21-22: Hybrid ChromaZone Toronto, Canada (English)

April 4-5: Hybrid ChromaZone Montreal, Canada (French)

April 25-26: In-person with virtual component ChromaZone+ Cleveland, Ohio (English)

Latin American Region – Two Workshops

February 27-28: Virtual ChromaZone (Portuguese)

March 7-8: Virtual ChromaZone (Spanish)

European Region – One Conference

March 14-15: In-person Conference Hamburg, Germany (English)

Asia Pacific Region – Two Workshops

April 25-26: Hybrid ChromaZone Shanghai, China (Mandarin)

April 29-30: Virtual ChromaZone (English)

Don’t miss this chance to shape the future of color. Register now and be a part of the 2026+ World Color Forecast™.

Be Prepared to Engage

Come ready to contribute your insights by sharing one crucial directional Color Story and six supporting color directions. Upon registration, you will receive a comprehensive worksheet from CMG to facilitate your preparation. Collaborate with fellow attendees to discuss the factors shaping color, the influences driving color directions, and the upcoming colors for the market in 2026 and beyond.

The Outcome

Within a few weeks post-workshop, each participant will receive:

A Digital Color Card featuring the final 16 selected colors referenced in NCS, RAL, Pantone, Munsell, LAB, and sRGB.

A Digital Summary outlining color stories and trend directions.




Conditions for Participation:

  • Participation is necessary on both days for in-person and virtual Workshops.
  • Virtual Workshops take place across two days from 9 am to 2.30 pm. (This may vary depending on the workshop so please check the workshop details).
  • Preparation is required prior to each Workshop. Each participant MUST submit their completed Worksheet to the Facilitator ONE WEEK prior to the date of their Workshop. Participants who do not submit their completed worksheets will forfeit their registration and a refund will not be offered.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Space is limited on each Workshop, so please do not register unless you can fully commit to both days. Due to the preparation required we cannot offer your spot to another participant, so refunds will not be available.

CMG Image Policy

CMG is required to make sure all images used to illustrate our color forecasts are free from copyright infringement for the protection of our group and our individual members. Our Image Policy will be sent to you upon registration. Please note that images which are not cited and copyright free will NOT be submitted to the workshop process.