Thursday, February 15

Topic: Color Unbound: The Global Shift in CMG’s 2025+ World Color Forecast
When: Thursday, February 15, 2024
Time:  12 pm – 1 pm Eastern
How to Join the webinar:  Zoom details will be sent upon registration.
Registration Fees:   This is a CMG members-only event. Registration is complimentary.


In recent years, CMG’s Regional Color Forecasts have displayed more parallels than contrasts. With societal, technological, environmental, political, and economic factors simultaneously influencing color, material, and finish on a global scale, the regional aspect of color forecasting is progressively blurring year after year.

Montaha will delve into the distinctive interplay of color families within the 2025+ World Color Forecast across CMG’s four regions. Through a meticulous analysis of historical data, the presentation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the regional evolution of color. It will demonstrate how color is emancipating itself from regional confines, unveiling a dynamic and quasi-unified global shift in color preferences.

Montaha Hidefi, a globally renowned Color Archaeologist™ and founder of Color Landing Studio, is an independent color and trend forecaster, author, and public speaker.

Montaha actively contributes as a volunteer at the executive level for various not-for-profit organizations. Currently, she holds the position of VP of Color Forecasting at the Color Marketing Group® (CMG), VP at the Colour Research Society of Canada (CRSC), and VP at the Canadian Freelance Guild (CFG). Additionally, she serves as a dedicated Color Consultant with The ChemQuest Group, a prominent global leader in specialty chemicals and materials consulting services.

Having lived and worked on four continents, Montaha’s diverse cultural background shapes her unique perspective. With a quarter-century of expertise in specialty chemicals and color advisory, she stands out as an accomplished color and trends forecaster, providing insights on a global scale.

Her international influence extends to speaking engagements at renowned events and the authorship of three memoirs and numerous articles.

Montaha’s expertise further manifests in her role as a valued color panelist for influential publications, leaving an indelible mark on the global creative landscape.

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