Authentic Emotions

By June 20, 2017CMG Events, Color: Trends

Living in fictitious worlds, shopping conveniently with a click of the mouse, maintaining relationships via the relevant virtual platforms – in our dematerialised new world, fundamental human needs often go unmet.

Many people think that real life should look different and, above all, feel completely different. Better, more exciting, more authentic.  With the all-encompassing theme of “AUTHENTIC EMOTIONS”, Monika Haag, Guest Speaker at this year’s Asia Pacific Conference, addresses this mood in the full knowledge that authenticity is hard to capture in words and images. After all, there are many paths that may lead to a fulfilling lifestyle.

Monika Haag, Head of Corporate Design Management, RENOLIT SE, presents “Authentic Emotions” at this year’s Asia Pacific Conference.

Monika Haag, Head of Corporate Design Management


Since 2003, Haag has been the department head of Corporate Design Management at RENOLIT SE in Worms, Germany, one of the leading European manufacturers of plastic foils.

Haag specializes in wooden materials and has longstanding professional experience in the field of international trend research. Haag is trained in carpentry and graduated in Industrial Design. She designed upholstered furniture at Mathias Hoffmann Design in Tübingen from 1990 to 1997, and was in charge of the design studio of foil manufacturer Konrad Hornschuch in Weißbach from 1997 to 2000.

In 2000, she took over the Design Development for the business area wooden materials at Pfleiderer AG, Neumarkt.  Hear her present at this year’s Asia Pacific Conference.

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