Color Exploration Silk Thread

Color Exploration Silk Thread

Techmer PM has partnered with Color Marketing Group® to bring members the TechmerVision Color Exploration Halo, an extension of the Color Alerts®.

Color Exploration Silk Thread


CMG’s 2019 Color Alert® Color, Silk Thread

The strength of a thread.

Much as the arachnid knows, there is incredible power in the strength of its deceptively simple silk thread. The color, Silk Thread, emanating from color workshops in North America, emerges with a sense of power. Originally discussed in 2017, to begin appearing in 2019, this pale-yellow infused beige knows its inner strength.

The quiet power evoked by Silk Thread is soothing and contemplative. It is a color of peaceful feelings and offers a respite from a complicated world. It is a bit complex, its yellow undertone, with the slightest influence of red, creating a forward moving hue that is outwardly simple and classic, and offers more beyond a first glance.

Certainly not boring beige, nor pure white, its pale value and low chromaticity give it a different edge. This is a forerunner of more neutral hues to come. Silk Thread is a platform on which to build design. It has the power of a solid foundation, and the lightness to not be too serious. That balance is the core of its strength.

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TechmerVision Color Exploration

When applying trend or directional colors during the product development process, one may need to do some further color design exploration to identify the perfect product color. By using the TechmerVision digital color tool to explore Color Marketing Group’s Color Alert® monthly forecasted colors, designers are able to visualize color nuances, interactions, and harmonies to accurately and quickly prototype colors for products.

ABOUT TechmerVision

TechmerVision Color Exploration is a web-based color tool that accurately visualizes forecasted color directions beyond the actual hue. It provides a quick and affordable way to increase color harmony while minimizing color discordance during the product development cycle. The aim is to help designers translate their inspiration into color for application and for design development purposes.

TechmerVision Color Explorations can be downloaded from the member-only Reports area.


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