“We live in a world where constant change and chaos are the new normal.”

by CMG’s President, Judith van Vliet

Sonoran Desert

The end of our Color Forecasting Calendar is coming near as our much-awaited World Color Forecast is ready to be revealed at this year’s International Summit in Tucson. Countless hours of passion and dedication from our talented members and energetic volunteers are bound to entice our color tribe to the Sonoran desert.

Also called Desierto de Altar, the Sonoran Desert is one of the most diverse of all the North American deserts with its characterizing saguaro cactus, the signature plant of the desert. It is this diversity that inspired the Summit Planning Committee for this year’s overarching theme – Radiant Mirage.

Radiant Mirage

We live in a world where constant change and chaos are the new normal.  These forces give rise to new perspectives on the world, often filtered by our very own or collective perceptions. What is true and what is false?  Above all, what is your truth?  Or is there no absolute truth?

These questions emerge while we observe our lives, sometimes so very similar, to the mystic mirage effect of the desert. There are many views to the desert’s constant change of color from dusk to dawn. Whether these optical effects are noted as surreal illusions or simply the meandering, reflective rays of light created by a layer of heated air of varying density.

Exceptional ingenuity often happens in solitude.  At Color Marketing Group we know that networking and brainstorming with our color contemporaries puts forward grand, creative work, while we shut out the outside world and focus on the world of color.  I invite you to simply be present; to sit still and be aware;  to observe and to connect with  our creative universe.


We mystify in color

Join me and the rest of your color tribe in Tucson this November 15th to 17th to admire our hard work of this year, to marvel in the mystic surroundings of the desert, but above all to awaken in radiant creativity for the year to come.

I look forward to mystifying in color with all of you in Tuscon!

Your CMG President,

Judith van Vliet

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Experience the Mystical Mirage of the Sonoran Desert

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