New ways to Connect in Color!

By July 6, 2020Member Benefits

“Ever-changing, always fascinating…that’s the business of color.”

Ever-changing and always fascinating is one way to describe how 2020 has unfolded.  Over the past few months, we have all been challenged to find new normals in our daily life.  A positive outcome of the changing “norm” is that we’ve all found new ways to make meaningful connections.

At Color Marketing Group we have strived to not only remain connected but to thrive in these unusual and unprecedented times. Our Virtual ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshops have allowed us to remain connected with you all and at the same time to keep color forecast information in your hands. CMG’s Board of Directors has also been exploring fresh ways to foster dialogue about color design.  With that, we are excited to announce the launch of ColorContext™, ColorChat™, and ColorSpeak™.  These new initiatives create unique avenues for us to remain connected in color,  continue to foster engagement in our community, and to provide valuable color directions and trend information.

ColorContext™ – At CMG’s annual International Summit, members participate in Color Applications Workshops collaborating on future applications of our World Color Forecast™.  The Workshops results provide a rich resource of future design inspiration in industries such as Home and Contract (Interiors and Exteriors), Lifestyle and Consumer (durable and non-durable goods), and more.    Highlights of our 2020 Color Applications Reports, such as key trend stories and colors important to the success of your products, are coming to you!  Don’t miss out!  Sign up to receive our monthly ColorContext™.

ColorChat™ – While in-person events are one of the best ways for us to connect with one another, ColorChat™ keeps us connected virtually.  ColorChat™ offers digital discussions on all topics of color design, CMF design, future trends, and more.  Stay together while apart by participating in our ColorChat™ events.  Join our ColorChat™ mailing list to be updated on our digital events.

ColorSpeak™ – Regardless of where you are in your career, knowledge is important.  Sharing our members’ wealth of color knowledge is at the heart of CMG.  CMG’s  ColorSpeak™ series will offer single-topic webinars on a multitude of color design subjects, delivered by CMG industry leaders.  Gain a fresh perspective on color design, CMF design, and future trend hunting.  Build your knowledge from color design professionals by signing up for our ColorSpeak™ events.

The future of color design is now.  Connect with CMG!

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