Introducing ColorChat™

By August 5, 2020CMG Events

Stay together while apart by participating in our ColorChat™ monthly events

At Color Marketing Group® we strive to not only remain connected but to thrive in these unusual and unprecedented times. Our Virtual ChromaZone® Color Forecasting Workshops have allowed us to remain connected with you all and at the same time to keep color forecast information in your hands. Our ColorSpeak™ webinar series offers single-topic webinars on a multitude of color design subjects, delivered by CMG industry leaders.  CMG’s Board of Directors has also been exploring fresh ways to foster dialogue about color design. With that, we are delighted to share our monthly ColorChat™ series.  


While in-person events are one of the best ways for us to connect with one another, ColorChat™ keeps us connected virtually. ColorChat™ offers monthly Zoom-based video discussions and live Instagram chats on all topics of color design, CMF design, future trends, and more. Our monthly Zoom chats will be led by CMG’s Immediate Past President, Judith van Vliet, and CMG’s Board member, Kiki Redhead. They are casual, informal, informative, and FREE!  Our Instagram LIVE chats will be conducted by CMG members, who will put CMG members “on the spot” with a fun, live interview on a wide range of topics.  Follow us at @colorsells for regular updates. 



Mercedes Landázuri has been involved in many aspects of materials design, from global raw material manufacturing to new appearance development with US OEMs and brand owners. With a background in eight world languages, she approaches new concepts through the framework of linguistics and believes that our world is shaped by the words we use. 

Kiki Redhead leads all CMF & Trend initiatives for Sherwin-Williams Design Segments in Industrial & Performance Coatings, including spearheading a new DesignHouse in Minneapolis, MN. She collaborates with Industrial Design customers in appliance, office, and outdoor furniture, as well as electronics, medical devices, packaging, transportation, and heavy equipment. She also works with designers for architectural and building products on coatings development and trends, including ideation of aesthetics, performance, and sustainable solutions.   A longtime member of the Color Marketing Group, Kiki sits on the Board of Directors.

Judith van Vliet works as a senior designer for Avient Corporation ColorWorks EMEA, where she is responsible for trend forecasting and reporting for Global and European markets. Judith also provides design and color consultancy, co-creating workshops on innovation, consumer, and lifestyle Insights. She is Creative Director of ColorForward, Avient’s annual color direction guide. She serves on Color Marketing Group’s Executive Committee as Immediate Past President where her in-depth knowledge of color helps maintain CMG at the forefront of global color forecasting.




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