CMG Swatchbook – Design Directions


Recognizing the integral relationship between color and design, in the early 1980s CMG formed the Design Directions Committee. It was charged with keeping members appraised of design directions and the influence of design and style trends in color selections. It was considered a supplement to Color Directions, not a substitute for it. By 1985, the first formal Design Directions workshop occurred. Design Report Backs became an invaluable tool as members developed new products.
As the recognition of design’s influence on color direction grew, Design Directions was integrated into CMG’s color forecasting process. Today, design trends are discussed as part of the development of color stories and the World Color Forecast™. Members who attend international design conferences, shows and markets also create Roving Reports on the design trends they spot, which are then shared with CMG members.
For more information on CMG member access to Roving Reports, please contact CMG headquarters.


CMG Swatchbook is a bi-monthly feature focused on key moments in CMG’s history. We look forward to sharing these events across 2022. Our anniversary celebration will culminate at our annual International Summit held this coming November. We look forward to seeing you there!



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