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Join us for a transformative four-day virtual experience at CMG Summit Connect! Immerse yourself in the world of color as we bring together professionals from the global color community. Gain valuable insights into CMF (color, material, and finish) forecasting and application through a series of workshops and educational sessions. Explore the latest trends, techniques, thinking, and innovations in areas such as Trend Tracking, Architectural Design, and Product Design. Network and collaborate with like-minded individuals, fostering meaningful discussions, idea exchange, and potential collaborations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect, learn, and explore the vibrant world of color, materials and finish. Register today and unlock the endless possibilities of tomorrow!


The Benefits of Attending

  • Unleash your true potential as a color design professional by joining the most dynamic and diverse community of like-minded individuals across all industries. Together, we will embark on a journey of inspiration, discovery, and endless possibilities.
  • In this exhilarating, virtual space, you will find countless opportunities to connect, collaborate, and share your unique expertise. Surround yourself with visionary thinkers who, just like you, are relentlessly seeking the next big thing in color.
  • Expand your horizons and transcend the boundaries of your specific industry. Our network is a melting pot of talent, ready to challenge your perceptions and propel you towards new areas of exploration. Together, we will break down barriers and revolutionize the world of color design.
  • Prepare to be captivated by an open-discussion atmosphere where every voice is heard, and every idea is celebrated. Interact with passionate individuals who will not only inspire you but also become your lifelong friends. Together, we will form an unbreakable bond, uniting the vibrant energy of our community and channeling it towards greatness.


Unlock a world of endless opportunities. Together, we will shape the future of color design, leaving an indelible mark on the world. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to connect, grow, and thrive. Let’s paint the world with our shared vision of brilliance.



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