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This is your opportunity to connect with CMG’s multi-industry, global color, material and finish design professionals.

Engage with CMG members and share your innovative and immersive ideas and work in the business of color, material, and finish.  CMG attendees are global color design experts from a variety of industries who seek new and exciting information, and innovative ideas from experts in their field that can be applied in their own practice. Your Guest Speaker presentation or workshop for our color design professional community should be thought-leading, informative, and inspiring within these categories:

If you would like the opportunity to be a Guest Speaker, please submit your presentation Abstract using this FORM. Submissions will be reviewed by CMG’s Education Committee, and you will receive notification of the status of your submission by the end of December.

The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2023.

We very much appreciate your interest and welcome your submission, but regrettably, we cannot accept all speaking submissions.


CMG Audience:

A not-for-profit, international association of color design professionals, Color Marketing Group® is a forum for the exchange of all things color.  Our members and wider community represent a broad spectrum of global designers, marketers, color scientists, consultants, educators, and artists.

The Benefits of Presenting:

Color Marketing Group® is a global association of creative minds. By attending our event as a Guest Speaker, you will have the opportunity to increase your visibility and connect with a target group of like-minded professionals. Our marketing and communications committee will work with you to promote you, your brand, and your presentation.

Guest Speaker Compensation:

Color Marketing Group® is a non-profit organization and we work within a tight budget. We seek to find creative ways to compensate our speakers through complimentary event registration and/or membership. CMG holds annual events in forecasting, future thinking, CMG workshops, and the annual Summit.

Guest Speaker Selection:

Submissions will be reviewed by our Summit Planning Committee who will evaluate based on the relevance to our Summit program of events and theme, and the honorarium/travel expectations in relation to our budget. All submissions will be responded to, although we cannot accept them all.

Presentation expectations:

Preference will be given to presentations that are not brand specific or promote a certain brand or product. Presentations should be objective and not used as a sales opportunity. We do offer a comprehensive Partnership program that offers members and the community an opportunity to pay to market and showcase your product/service. For more information contact Sandy Sampson, VP Education on

Successful Guest Speakers agree to the following:

  • Provide timely marketing material including headshot, bio, and presentation topic and abstract.
  • Attend any pre-event briefing sessions
  • Present the pre-agreed presentation content
  • Work with a/v requirements

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  • Patti Carpenter says:

    Hello, I’m Patti Carpenter, Global Trend Ambassador for Maison & Objet in Paris and America. I’d like to be considered as a speaker. I’d speak on color and trend forecasting in the home decor, gifts and fragrances sectors augmented by my work with international artisan development. I’ve spoken on Judith’s podcast on that work.

  • Lori says:

    Title: “Color Harmony in the Built Environment: A Practical Workshop on Leveraging Color Data Values for Design Precision”


    Join us for an illuminating workshop that delves into the art and science of utilizing color data values—specifically, hue, value, and chroma—to articulate and harmonize colors within the built environment. This hands-on session will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to leverage cutting-edge color measurement devices and their associated apps.

    The workshop will commence with an exploration of the theoretical foundations of color theory, emphasizing the significance of hue, value, and chroma in achieving aesthetically pleasing and coordinated color schemes.

    The workshop will provide practical tutorials on the utilization of hand-held color measurement devices. Examining devices from Variable, Inc., NIX, and DataColor, attendees will learn how to integrate these tools into their design workflows. From specifying color palettes for interior spaces to coordinating exterior facades, participants will discover the power of precision in color selection.

    Through interactive demonstrations and real-world examples, the workshop will showcase how color data values can enhance design accuracy and communication. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to apply these principles to their own projects, fostering an appreciation for the nuanced role of color in creating cohesive and visually impactful built environments.

    Whether you are an architect, interior designer, or anyone involved in the built environment, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to elevate your design capabilities through the mastery of color data values. Don’t miss this chance to unlock the potential of precise color coordination in your projects, guided by the expertise of industry-leading color measurement devices and applications.

  • The Art Resilience

    We have entered a world that is unlike any other we’ve seen before. Businesses are folding, churches are closing and it seems that many dreams are being dashed daily. Yet there is hope if we can persist in our belief that the missions we pursue will have impact far beyond our lives.

    No matter the role you play within an organization breakthrough in relationships and innovation is right on the other side of trying again. This idea of being resilient will anchor you and your teams in the truth of the fact that there is always a way forward. This is a value based proposition that will have immediate impact on your teams. The expected outcomes are:

    More freedom to experiment
    More focus on projects and driving them to completion
    Concrete examples of people pressing through difficulty into solutions
    Better team camaraderie in the trenches
    More enthusiasm in projects

    The crux of my presentation is seven elements that correspond to the color scale. These seven keys correspond to the language that comes from each of the colors and the wisdom we are to glen from the “creation” of lives that stand the test of disappointment and even trauma.

    We are in a vital time in history where many have lost their ability to deal with the obstacles that have come post pandemic. The Art of Resilience is an inspiration and presentation of tools to remember passions and motivations that fuel personal and professional innovation.

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