2019 Key Color Fragile

RGB 222, 201, 182  HEX #DEC9B6


Key color, Fragile, forecasted in 2017 to emerge in 2019, represents an outer covering with a tenuous grip between strength and delicacy. It can be likened to an eggshell; there is strength within the fragility. The shell is strong, the shell is protective, yet the shell is brittle.

The color itself, a very pale, toned pink, with a touch of orange, will emerge with a matte metallic finish, or simply be matte. Fragile channels the trend of machines and technology tech, but with an element of humanity, it is a sensitive hue that belies its inner strength.

Suggesting an artificial, non-gendered skin, as on a cyborg, Fragile mimics an aura of naturalness. It isn’t quite real, though it acts real. It is still, however, the strength and protection needed in a world hurling harmful ideas and messages. Interior spaces, fashion, consumer electronics, and industrial design will offer this hue that conveys the moment, and offers a sense of protection.

This is a color ideal for suggesting the duality of strength and delicacy, natural and artificial, vulnerable and determined. Fragile will survive.

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January 2019 Contributors: Judith van Vliet, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole, Sandy Sampson

Color Exploration Fragile

CMG Key Color 2019 Fragile
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