2020 Key Color Electrum

RGB 204, 173, 71  HEX #cbad49

CMG's North American KEY COLOR, ELECTRUM for 2020

Blast the next decade with alternating currents!

A color suggestive of alternating currents, Electrum is the 2020+ key trend color for North America and the beginning of a new decade. The complex green-influenced gold metallic has a chameleon quality that allows it to shift between the two hues and take on altered energy in concert with other hues. This is not a chameleon color to match the background, but one to enhance it.

Electrum represents different paths as 2020 approaches and symbolizes the complexity of the future. Its color intricacy will enhance everything from action/recreation to home accessories and the metallic influence of its gold will touch personal care products, electronics and graphics.

Watch for the debut of Electrum in 2020. It is complex, with the ability to follow numerous paths, and is a key trend color for a coming decade of numerous possibilities.

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September 2019 Contributors: Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole, Sandy Sampson

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