2020 Key Color Feel Real

2020 Key Color Feel Real

RGB 185, 118, 113  HEX #B87772

CMG's European KEY COLOR, FEEL REAL for 2020

Feel Real in the Coming 20s!

Feel Real, the 2020+ and new decade’s key trend color for Europe, is a color for life’s journeys and experiences. Despite our augmented, virtual, sometimes disconnected world, at the end of the day, we need engage with life that feels real.

Feel Real is an Earth inspired brown, is visually engaging, and activates the senses for scent and touch in a way that exudes sensuality, frivolity or surprise. You can practically caress and smell the sweetness of this clay-like color. Whether in fashion, residential or commercial spaces, in a matte or satin finish, Feel Real offers the look to quench varied desires.

Feel Real is a color that triggers the senses, imparts a sense of place and reminds us, always, to Feel Real.

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September 2019 Contributors: Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole, Sandy Sampson

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