2020 Key Color Seed of Life

RGB 207, 184, 138 HEX #CFB88A

CMG's Asia Pacific KEY COLOR,
SEED OF LIFE for 2020

A new decade begins with a Seed of Life!

Seed of Life delivers a statement of simplicity and origin that counters the busy-ness of life. Born of nature, this warm, neutral beige delivers a trend forward message. This Asia Pacific Key Color for 2020+, and growing into the new decade, succeeds in adding a sense of calm and connection amidst modern scenes.

Seed of Life is the antithesis of rampant technology; it is the color for going off-road, for exploring, and for returning to one’s roots. It becomes the chromatic off-button to wind down and inhale a moment. Timeless in architectural applications, including residential and commercial interiors, it will also move into fashion and accessories. With a touch of special effects, it will shimmer with metallics, or soothe with a matte finish.

Emerge into the next decade with a tranquil hue that connects to nature and leads to better, healthier lives, starting with Seed of Life.

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September 2019 and January 2020 Contributors: Judith van Vliet, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole, Sandy Sampson, Samantha MacLean

CMG 2020 Key Color Seed of Life
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