2020 Key Color Ver-de-Verdad

2020 Key Color Ver-de-Verdad

RGB 93, 100, 68  HEX #5D6444

CMG's Latin American KEY COLOR, Ver-de-Verdad for 2020

Evolve in the next decade with Ver-de-Verdad!

Translating to seeing things how they are and how they are evolving, Ver-de-Verdad, Latin America’s 2020+ Key Color, and new hue for the new decade, insists we perceive everything with a new perspective and determining exciting new action.

Ver-de-Verdad is a key trend in color and design, and life. An expressive green color, balanced with yellow and toned with black, Ver-de-verdadis a hue that represents an increased awareness and knowledge of nature, of construction, and everything’s place on the planet.

The hue suggests healing, of journeys into the forest primeval, and the connected nature of the shared eco-system. Ver-de-Verdad is egalitarian in use, embracing all manner of designed products and spaces. Personal items, commercial design, graphics, and art will all play canvases for its lush hue.

Aware, informed, and ready to protect innumerable environments. Ver-de-Verdad represents the ideas and the goals in one hopeful hue.

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September 2019 Contributors: Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole, Sandy Sampson

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