2021 Key Color Uni Coral

2021+ Asia Pacific Key Color – Uni Coral

NCS S 0585-Y80R | RGB 235, 42, 20 | HEX #EB2A14

COLOR MARKETING GROUP Announces 2021+ Asia Pacific Key Color – Uni Coral

Color Marketing Group, the leading international association of color design professionals, introduced the organizations’ forecasted key colors at the 2019 International Summit in Tucson, AZ late November. The Color Marketing Group’s 2021+ Asia Pacific key color “Uni Coral” is a strong hybrid of orange and red, a color of extreme happiness that inspires both fun and the need for action.

Uni Coral exudes motivation and drive, perfect for instant attention and long-lasting energy. 


2021 CMG Key Color Uni Coral

Alexandria, VA, December 12, 2019 — The world as one is an important trend concept that continues to expand across oceans, borders, and time zones. It is a concept to be enjoyed and shared with a hue that embraces all, Uni Coral realizes its inspirations from Asia Pacific and around the world.

Color Marketing Group’s Asia Pacific 2021+ Key color, Uni Coral, harnesses the collective energies of the globe. It is a color of extreme happiness that inspires both fun and the need for action. Uni Coral is a strong hybrid of orange and red is the perfect color for a “pop-up” anything, fires the energy of the moment, and thrills with the exuberance of vitality.

If artificial intelligence was to have a color, it would be Uni Coral. Warm, electric, powerful, yet familiar, it has the attributes to take on personal requests and desires. Uni Coral colors the world as its virtual playground. It is a color of leisure time and creates a moment of “engaged laziness,” still being involved in a busy life, but taking a moment to step back and allow devices and AI to take on some of the tasks. AI supports services such as food-delivery, robotic house cleaning, children’s on-demand entertainment and the whole home environment with enhanced leisure time. From everyday appliances to home support devices, Uni Coral adds a sense of fun to everyday products, and a touch of global awareness, as well.

With more tech available around the world to master mundane tasks, more leisure time will be available. The embrace of outdoor activities will become even more important in the new decade as health and well-being are embraced beyond the cerebral to the dynamically physical. Uni Coral adds is brilliant hue and warmth to the pursuit of leisure to become a color of sharing. Sporting equipment, as well as home electronics, will share the hue as a banner excitement.

The strong hue of Uni Coral expresses immediacy and exhilaration of the moment. It is a trend direction for color that is well-suited to pop-up culture from events to retail to fashion. Pop-up shops can be physical or virtual but are always energized and of the moment. Uni Coral exudes motivation and drive, perfect for instant attention and long-lasting energy. It exemplifies a moment of play that brings extreme happiness.

In fashion, celebrity bloggers will continue as important influencers and role models. They highlight being bright and fresh, with Uni Coral as a color that identifies and unites their energy and youthful vigor. The excitement carries from fashion to decorative home as “lifestyle blogging” incorporates all levels of life from wardrobe to living to cuisine. Uni Coral’s high energy warmth unifies all of the elements of home and life with a color that is as stylish on a dress as it is on a dinner plate.

Modern, bright, quick, and insta-worthy, Uni Coral unites the globe with its energy and drive.

About Color Marketing Group’s World Color Forecast™

Color Marketing Group’s multi-industry color design professionals collaborate globally to arrive at their forward-looking color palette of 64 colors. These forecasted colors are supported by color stories that contain each color’s drivers and influences two years ahead. Each of the four global regions identifies their Key Color from their 16 forecasted colors. Product designers across all industries have been influenced by Color Marketing Group’s World Color Forecast for over 57 years.


Color Marketing Group®, founded in 1962, is a not-for-profit international association of color design professionals who forecast color directions and is a forum for the exchange of all aspects color. Members represent a broad spectrum of designers, marketers, color scientists, consultants, educators, and artists. Color forecasting events are held throughout the world and the results from these events become part of the global World Color Forecast™ revealed at the annual International Summit. More information is available at www.colormarketing.org.

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