February 2022 Color Alert®

By February 1, 2022Color Alert 2022

February 2022 Color Alert®

DREAM ORANGE 1050-y80R, 242, 134, 115, #F28673

RE-SOURCE 1060-y80R, 236, 110, 92, #EC6E5C


Dad jokes aside, the individuality of orange is emerging to add a bit of spice, a bit of fun, and a bit of warmth to the world of design, all while keeping a bit of a serious note about it. Two similar versions  of orange are emerging in 2022, Re-Source, predicted at European CMG meetings, and Dream Orange from Asia Pacific meetings, all occurring in 2020.

Re-Source is a happy, peachy orange, that is spicy and feels almost aromatic. It is considered a color for connection to daily activities with exercise, music and sports, vital components of everyday life. The slightly lighter Dream Orange is a fresh take on colors of communication and suggests action from the personal sides of life as well as society in general.  They are both colors of energy and warmth, power and commitment.

With the unique qualities of orange (“nothing rhymes with orange”), come myriad ways to make the color an outstanding element in design. Appearing in varied applications from automotive exteriors to commercial interiors, residential home and décor, to recreation and sports vehicles,  Re-Source and Dream Orange come alive as brilliant, uncommon elements in uncommon times. In addition, consumer goods, fashion & accessories, and visual communications will take advantage of the power of these oranges to add freshness and vibrancy to their product lines.

They can be enhanced with glossy sheens to become almost liquid or shimmer with metallics. The looks would be astounding on a car or ATV as the color undulates along the surfaces and makes something look fast even when standing still. Sports have always embraced orange and will offer the color across the board in sports gear and accessories. Viva la orange tennis balls and bright snow boards!

The world of interiors, both residential and commercial, see these colors as whimsical comfort. During difficult times, comfort is key, and so is joy, so these colors that offer warmth and a smile will be found in architectural coatings for surfaces, textiles for furniture, cabinetry, and consumer goods such as small appliances. They can be accent colors as well as colors in full-on glory that lift the spirit and let everyone know that the space is alive and kicking.

As a color often associated with creativity, it is also time for Re-Source and Dream Orange to emerge as colors for the creatives to express themselves. Whether in visual and graphic arts, or in fashion, they make a color statement that is loud and clear. And fun.

So, it may not rhyme with anything, but orange is a hue that will make a bright stand for design, and Re-Source and Dream Orange have arrived to make sure it is seen on the world stage. And perhaps inspire a few dad jokes.

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February 2022 CONTRIBUTORS:  Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, and Judith van Vliet

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