2022 October Color Alert®

By October 1, 2022Color Alert 2022

October 2022 Color Alert®

AFETIVIDADE 3050-R, 171,75,83 #ab4b53

FERVOR 3060-R, 148,35,51, #942333

With their kisses of dark red, Afetividade and Fervor are passionate, seductive and powerful with intimacy.


These two pure reds present subtle differences in their amount of chroma and two sides of passionate red, a gentler side and an intense side. Though originating in two regions of the world, they are quickly expanding to worldwide use.

Afetivdade, from Latin American CMG meetings, is an affectionate, nostalgic, red. It represents hearts beating together as one towards a brighter future. Fervor, from European CMG meetings, personifies an intense feeling of passion. It is a deep red that’s familiar and never loses its importance for humanity. Together, they drive forward with purpose and excitement for the future, and for their place in design.

Both versions exude a seductive vibe and will grace diverse product ranges and markets. Not surprisingly, fashion and cosmetics see this hue as a new take on classic red, moving between seasons and allowing the color to be further defined more by material and product. A cotton t-shirt is comfortable and suggests casual moments whereas velvet or corduroy pants are potentially bold and determined. They add visual warmth to ensembles whether in small leather goods or nail lacquer  and join a growing cadre of genderless, ageless colors to be enjoyed by all.

For residential and commercial architectural design, these reds step forward as accent colors and move from interior to exterior with ease. For interiors they enhance upholstery, linens, and in kitchen everything from tiles to cookware to small appliances. They offer a respite from grey, while keeping it modern and fresh, and connect with the continually emerging range of tans. For exteriors, the colors will enhance buildings with details, trims and even front entrances, and both hard and soft landscaping will embrace these rich reds in garden plants and flowers as well as brickwork.

Two distinct reds, with distinct but related vibes, are moving forward with their shared color statement for a world, and times, that need both affection and intense passion.


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October 2022 CONTRIBUTORS:  Alicia Keshishian, Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet, Sekisui KYDEX®, and Koroseal.

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