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AI Love

HEX #d63f62, sRGB 214 63, 97, NCS 1070-R10B

AI Love

Fall in Love with AI Love

It’s said that pink is but a promise of red, but AI Love holds a lot more than a mere promise of a hue. This intense, pink-red, with the slightest influence of blue, bursts with energy and celebrates its connection to fun and technology-driven life. Its tech edge gives it a genderless appeal that also crosses product and design categories. It is not a frivolous color, it is hot, powerful, and unique.

Coming alive during discussions about tech and lifestyle at Color Marketing Group’s 2019 Asia Pacific meetings, to emerge in 2021, it has set the course as a statement color for Action and Recreation, Decorative Home, Fashion, Packaging, and more.

Products for action and recreation will range from sports equipment to clothing to toys with a color that not only plays well with others but makes a great statement of pink power. No longer relegated to specific genders or products, AI Love is free to embrace anything it wants and does so in various values, specialized finishes, and materials.

AI Love brings decorative home fashions to a warming point. With so many cool colors in the market in the past few years, this color becomes a great bridge to warmth, with its cool undertone connecting to current cool spaces, with the overall warmth of the color moving interior spaces in higher energy, warm direction.

Great on its own, AI Love adds a flush geniality to organic-looking hues like olive, mustard, and cocoa, and raises the style level of black, navy, and grey. It plays up its tech-electric side with other energized colors like orange and yellow and can morph its look with sheens and textiles from gloss and hard-edged to matte and flowing.

Find color love for any project or design, with AI Love.

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August 2021 CONTRIBUTORS:  Sandy Sampson, Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet, and Katinka Champion.

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