2022 April Color Alert®

By April 1, 2022Color Alert 2022

April 2022 Color Alert®

INTERVALO – 5020-B10g, 79, 115, 128, #4F7380

Intervalo is for those moments in between, to pause, reflect, and reset.

A deep blue with a nuance of green, Intervalo emerged from CMG color workshops in Latin America and Europe in 2020, with anticipated arrival in 2022. Indeed, not only has it arrived in those regions, but around the globe as a color statement for the world experiencing a resetting interval.

Intervalo is neither a breathy pastel, nor a dark ponderous hue, it is a bridge color between ever popular blues and greens, but with an identity and confidence all its own. It is a hue which represents a pause, and as a transitional color secures a passage through ideas and designs from automotive to fashion to home.

For interiors, it sets a mood that is comforting and natural. It will appear as an accent color in home accessories and be a painted finish on cabinetry and appliances. It will be a hit with paint and wallcoverings as well as in tile and rugs. The color will take on a new importance in seating pieces as furnishings upholstered with Intervalo’S hue embrace their role as vessels for respite and moments of calm.

In fashion it is a color that acts as a bridge between genders and ages, a great color for anyone. It can be as formal, or casual, as the material with which it is created or the garment it adorns. It is a strong hue for athleticwear and sports equipment or, with the return of “revenge dressing,” looks elegant for times when dressing up is desired. Intervalo can move from the gym to restaurant with ease, flowing between scenes as it flows through the intervals of the day.

Intervalo is often mixed with other hues and it appears quite seductive when enhanced with special effects. It takes on a mineral dimension that few others can imitate. Whether in personal electronics, handbags, or jewelry, it is a brilliant ground color for multi-hued effects. For the world of interiors (and exteriors) it increases its style quotient with a mix of sheen levels from matte to high gloss.

Each day is filled with resets and transitions and Intervalo makes the transitions smooth and immensely colorful.


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April 2022 CONTRIBUTORS:  Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, and Judith van Vliet

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