2023 April Color Alert®

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April 2023 Color Alert®

E.V. from Asia Pacific

Sustainable • Clean • Fresh • Global

2030-B40G: 110, 176, 177: #6EBOB2

E.V. from Asia Pacific

Sustainable • Clean • Fresh • Global

Get charged with a color that feels fresh and natural, with a technological edge. Get charged with E.V.

Considered ideal in high gloss, but aesthetically beautiful in any iteration, E.V. embodies the pursuit of sustainable living, especially in energy, fresh water, and air. It is a relatively low chroma, luminous-looking blue with a hint of green that adds to its cool, clean appeal.

Discussed and realized as a key color for CMG’s Asia Pacific region for 2023, but being used globally, the hue has a sense of movement that makes it especially significant in representing ongoing discussions regarding electric vehicles and new technologies for clean energy. Not surprisingly, it is anticipated for automotive interiors and exteriors and will also add an innovative to color sports vehicles and equipment. Could virtual reality tennis balls glow with E.V. as they speed over the net?

E.V.’s arrival also coincides with the release of the newest Avatar film, which offers fantastical colors that delight and intrigue viewers in its water world. The liquidity of the color connotes a sense of wellness and renewal, and with that it will be found in health and wellness environments, as well as hospitality.  From textiles to wallcoverings, furniture to accessories, E.V. will add color ease in specialty designed spaces. It is already appearing in product lines for residential living and commercial design and will provide a dynamic hue when used in visual communications and digital design.

It is a “seasonless” color that can enhance almost anything with which it is coordinated. It has a stylish take on vintage designs when used with the black of Bohld, and suggests a garden of delights with orange Mirada Alegre and cool Revival Green, with the aforementioned three hues being key colors from CMG’s other international regions.

Emerging in 2023, but with a look to the future, E.V. is a color to propel design forward as the world takes its next steps in responsible living.


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