2023 August Color Alert®

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August 2023 Color Alert®

Vital • Modern • Fresh

4040-G20Y; 78,124,76; #4e7c4c

August Color Alert® – Journey from North America

Vital • Modern • Fresh

Iconic Muppet, Kermit the Frog is famous for lamenting, “It’s Not That Easy Being Green.”  He then realized all the glory that green truly holds. Green is the color of Spring, important like a mountain, or tall like a tree. His trek of discovery ties beautifully to the emerging color, Journey.

Full of life and authenticity, there is no greenwash here. Journey is a hue that is true itself, easy-going, powerful, and with a glow of internal energy. It represents forward , hopeful movement with a hue that is embraced by all. It is seasonless, genderless, ageless and crosses cultural lines with its appeal as a common-ground color.

A medium chroma green with a nuance of yellow, it has come into the global market after having first been identified at CMG North America color meetings in 2021, for 2023. No greenwash here, Journey is a hue that is true itself, easy-going and with its small nuance of yellow has a bit of internal energy. From consumer goods and furniture, to home decor and accessories, Journey offers its lively green as a counterpoint to neutrals and a color inference of the great outdoors. Whether a small decorative piece or feature wall, it is a hue that instantly offers a vibrant color moment for interior design. It is a color of cool comfort in residential aesthetics and a hue of vitality and freshness in commercial design.

Fashion is also embracing this green moment as a flash of color that vibes on everything from punk to preppy, or a combination of them all. It can shift its allure in a high-gloss, matte, or metallic finish, adding to its already easy appeal with additional levels of visual interest. Of course, texture plays a role, as well, as knitwear, crisp cotton, leather, and satin each offer their own take on presenting the color.

As Kermit learned, it IS easy being green, and Journey is the perfect, modern green to bring its vital and cooling charisma to life, whether in home, office, or wardrobe.

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