Barro and Walkabout

October 2018 Color Alert

Barro and Walkabout

RGB: 182,97,60 and 163,90,54  HEX: #b6613c and a35a36

Barro and Walkabout

Orange gets serious.

Shake off the frivolity; the trend for orange is earthy, sultry, deep, and serious. This new trend direction for orange is occurring around the corner, and around the globe! Whether they arouse consideration of the planet, inspire a pigment, or simply want to express maturity, Barro and Walkabout are ready to embrace any and all inspirations and Barroproducts.

Illustrating the breadth of Color Marketing Group’s international reach, the predictions for these similar, trending hues emerged from CMG color meetings in 2016, in Latin America (Barro) and Europe (Walkabout), as predictions for 2018, and are now being seen in North America and Asia Pacific, as well.

The earthy, rugged appeal is evident in home furnishings as the colors offer a way to spice up an interior, and counter the coolness of very-present grey. Leather chairs with subtle distressing, mixed with patterns, or in full-on color, alter modern designs as they combine these on-trend colors with classic aesthetics. Home accessories colored in Barro and Walkabout help add texture and add an additional twist to residential and commercial markets with dashes of these unexpected, rich orange hues.

Fashion offers a sultry take as silk and soft wool translate Barro and Walkabout to wearable, sensuous looks. From clothing to accessories, these two colors offer trend direction that is at once unique and slightly familiar. These earthy hues forge a new direction with luxurious materials and create draping and shape normally reserved for other hues.

At quick glance, Barro and Walkabout hint at myriad finishes beyond the glow of silk, the depth of leather, or the softness of wool. In matte finishes, they intimate layers of soft earth, with a subtle sheen they suggest pottery and stoneware, and with a metallic finish they evoke hand-forged copper utensils and cookware.

Create something spectacular with Barro and Walkabout; it’s time to get serious with orange.

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Serious about orange?

Barro and Walkabout MAXIMIZE your orange game in fashion and interiors to become your new color go-tos.

The earthy, ruddy hues stretch way beyond their natural roots and become trend forward versions of orange. They shed frivolity for their serious side, but still have a fire inside. Warm up off-white and grey, add a layer to deep reds and brown, or heat up navy blue and dark green, Barro and Walkabout are international hues that push the color palettes of fashion and interior design in bolder directions. From fluffy textures to smooth gloss surfaces, leather to wool, silk to metal, everything looks fresh with a shot of these orange hues.

Get serious. Get Barro and Walkabout!

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October 2018 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole


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