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Be Aware & Decisive

HEX #D11C2B   NCS S 1080-Y90R  sRGB 209, 28, 43

HEX #BD131E   NCS S 1580-Y90R  sRGB 189, 19, 31

Be Aware & Decisive

CMG Color Alert Be Aware and Decisive

Life is not to be trifled with, so Be Aware and Decisive, in all that you do. These dual bright reds, heavy on the chroma and attitude, are exactly what the world needs to keep moving forward. Red tends to speak with purpose and power, and neither of these reds shy away from making a directional color statement.

Be Aware, from Color Marketing Group’s European meetings, and Decisive from North American meetings, were both predicted in 2018 to emerge in 2020. Mere increments of tonal grey separate them and add to the strength of the international scope of red and the need for its strength.

Making a statement has never been an issue for red, and whether on the road, on someone’s back, or in a home or office, red, as evidenced in Be Aware and Decisive, is a powerful color for making a color-filled exclamation.

Considered a classic in fashion, red is also a color of passion, for a movement, for a thought, for love. It adorns accessories, as well as clothing as red can be an entire ensemble, or a punctuated styling comment. Consider items as diverse as bright red power dress, or the power of a simple red poppy on VE Day, very different in their application, but both with a statement. The aptly named Be Aware and Decisive are reminders of the power of a color, and its importance in making a modern declaration.

Either of the hues Be Aware and Decisive can add excitement to an interior space, or exterior for that matter, with the warmth of their colors. A bright red entrance door, for instance, is filled with symbolism including an entry to happiness and good fortune, as a portal of welcome, and signaling a place of nourishment and safe haven.  The hue moves easily indoors as the warmth of both Be Aware and Decisive add visual spice to dining areas in residential home and commercial hospitality. The reds may also serve as intense accents with neutral schemes, or add to the energy of other bright hues. Appliances and personal electronics, textiles and cookware, and rugs and upholstery may be small, but assert themselves with their color.

Though having passed the reigns of being a tech color to blue, Be Aware and Decisive drive red forward as colors for actual products, moving beyond illumination to be the skin of products. A mobile phone, tablet cover, or laptop are just the beginning of making a red statement. Never to be missed, of course, is red on vehicles.  Red is long-standing for cars, from racing vehicles to family drivers, Be Aware and Decisive arrive to keep the thrill alive for driving a vehicle with energy to spare.

Be Aware and Decisive deliver a one-two punch of color, international in scope, personal in use, and here to add a color statement for the times.

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June 2020 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean

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