February 2021 Color Alert®


HEX #e2dgc5, NCS 1005-Y30R, sRGB 225, 216, 198


With the past year having been, well, challenging, 2021 is a prime time for a color to be slightly “off.”

That unusual quality is embodied in the color Becoming. With little chroma, and the slightest touch of black, this warm off-white feels like a familiar color, but it emerges into a place of its own. New and fresh, it will become the go-to, trend-forward off-white to bridge into the new year, even if it is still viewed through a slightly smudged lens.

Having been predicted during North America CMG meetings in 2019, to emerge in 2021, Becoming speaks well to the world situation. Instead of cold, pure white, Becoming infers a tranquil embrace. Its talent to bridge aesthetics produces a welcome color that commits to its surroundings in a subtle way, and acts as a gentle component with other hues.

With a modern twist, off-white gains a quirky appeal in Becoming and it maintains casual adaptability to its surroundings. Anticipated strongly for residential interiors, fashion, textiles, automotive, and consumer products, the color has already appeared in loungewear and accessories adding the glow of off-white to clothing that offers comfort. It will continue to sportswear and consumer products lifting them adding an unexpected color to the array.

Ease is a large part of the appeal for Becoming in fashion. That sense of comfort will emerge for interior spaces, as well and it will begin to surface on upholstery, painted case goods, and may anticipate cerused wood finishes. It is a way to soothe the psyche with the amount of time spent in residential spaces, but will also influence commercial design and spaces.

Becoming is an emerging color for a year that is resetting and focused on the future. It will move forward with other hues, contributing its aura of warmth and sense of ease as it complements designs instead of making its own aesthetic demands. Wrapped in its comforting embrace, is time to welcome a hue that is spot on to be slightly off.

Embrace lightness, embrace ease, embrace softness. Embrace Becoming.

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January 2021 CONTRIBUTORS:  Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet, Katinka Champion

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