June 2017 Color Alert

Capim Santo

RGB: 171,163,47  CMYK: 0,62,100,0   HEX: #aba32f

Capim Santo

Allow Capim Santo/Lemon Grass to take you away. A light, breezy green with yellow influences, it offers a refreshing hue, much like its namesake plant.

Its simple, relatively calming nature is a move to simplicity from our frenetic pace. Originally a CMG Latin America color prediction for 2017, it is appearing globally.

From traditional design to modern, this distinct hue will add a quiet energy to colors like, grey, taupe and brown, add a lush addition to a wide range of blues, and contrast with floral pinks and deep reds.

Lush and healthy, look for Capim Santo/Lemon Grass to add its spark of energy to fashion from simple t-shirts to outerwear, and home from bedding to accessories.

July 2017 contributors: Judith van Vliet, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

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