August 2021 Color Alert®


HEX #738f40, sRGB 116, 143, 63, NCS 3050-G40Y


Relax, with CBD

A calming hue with an undeniably natural appearance, CBD soothes color cravings with its yellow influenced green. Inspired by the natural world, cannabis commerce, and a sense of renewal, CBD charts its own journey as a self-confident color presence whether alone or interacting with other hues. Always considered a cool hue, it gets a slight twist with its yellow undertone to add a bit of warmth that envelops and comforts, and soothes away the stress of the day.

Originally predicted during CMG European meetings to emerge in 2021, it is another hue that has taken on the world in various industries around the globe. Especially comforting for interior spaces and fashion, it also soothes in the world of cosmetics and body-care. And why not? Everything about it exudes a special confidence that glows from within. This is not a green to stand idly by waiting for something to happen, it is the reason something happens. It expresses style, an opinion, and does so in a friendly manner. Its natural influences create a sense of balance, but the unique color injects a bit of fun.

CBD is a suggestive hue that seems full of stories. What was its origin? Can anyone use it? How does it feel? That’s a lot to ask of the color, but it answers them in a way that is unique for each product. It is inspired by nature and is a life-force hue, it equally embraces everyone and everything, and it feels nurturing and special.

It can appear crisp and wet in a gloss finish, offering a modern loft the sense of a forest after a rainfall. The glistening finish practically entices other senses to join in to the coolness it evokes and the scent of the misty forest is almost real. It can appear soft and comforting in matte or low sheen finishes in a way that invites touch and a lingering moment. For interior products CBD brings the outdoors in, and creates a color experience with everything it caresses.

In fashion it establishes a new direction for “neutral” with sportswear and accessories leading the way with a unique color that may be calming but is not quiet and reserved. CBD also creates a joyful hand or kick-up-you-feet happy color in nail lacquer as well as suggesting a story in packaging and graphics. Cosmetics, body-care, hair care and more reaches many levels of design freshness with roots in, and a lift from, nature.

CBD is a color for the times. At once nurturing and statement making, it entices, relaxes, and makes its own way. When you’re color hungry, reach for CBD, it’s a hue that satisfies all your cravings.

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August 2021 CONTRIBUTORS:  Sandy Sampson, Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet, and Katinka Champion.

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