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City Grey

RGB: 93, 90, 89  HEX: #5D5A59  NCS: 7000-N


City Grey

Urban and Urbane

Urban and urbane, City Grey is the look of color modernity. Originally emanating from CMG’s Asia Pacific 2017 color forecasts for 2019, its appeal is international, and its applications seemingly endless.

Strong, decisive, and influential City Grey is appealing as a neutral color that is anything but neutral. It carries no undertones and is simply 70% black. Its depth defines its bold stance, its contemporary attitude, and its decisive industrial edge. It connotes the foundation of the urban landscape, the hushed night as it falls over a city, and the fortitude of a cityscape.

Influences abound for its emergence abound, from technology and space, to edgy fashion, to urban planning, City Greyplays a role. It may appear simple, but holds many possibilities. Sheen, finish, and texture give it even greater presence than more nuanced hues, and create a color that stands on its own, at all times.

From a grey flannel suit to leather jewelry, or the tip of a lacquered fingernail, City Grey creates a fashion moment both classic and new. It welcomes new meanings and interpretations of the color and responds with a strong voice. Gender fluid, ageless, and unconcerned about material, it can be a statement for anyone.

For interior it casts a like attitude. Simple enough to coordinate with other aesthetics, City Grey is capable of standing on its own. As an accessory piece it takes on new substance, as a background it demands to be seen, and in furnishings, flooring, textiles, and more, it creates an interior environment that comforts with its depth.

City Grey is more than a neutral, more than near-black, it is a force unto itself. Chic, powerful and modern, make it your grey.

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Become Absorbed with City Grey

This CMG hue, emanating originally from Asia Pacific’s color forecasts for 2019, ratchets the power of deep, near-black to new levels.

It’s not enough that it has the power to stand on its own, City Grey is poised to influence anything it comes near. Standing alone, it commands attention and becomes a testament to its own style. Strong, bold, and self-aware, it boasts a quiet side that is comforting and desirable in design.

City Grey can morph and reveal countless interpretations and meanings depending on its implementation. It can be graceful in lustrous silk, steadfast in wool, brutish or refined in metal, and sophisticated in wood.

With special effects and finishes City Grey can suggest a galaxy of stars, polished technology, or the sinuous curves of an automobile. And with other hues, it can play the quiet accompaniment, or bold center of attention. In quiet moments, it will be found with tan and beige, taupe, aged plum, pale blue and even a monochromatic layering of pure grey. But it will also shock with bright yellow, orange, and pink combinations in solid colors and in prints.

City Grey appears simple at first but quickly unveils its layers of strength and potential to create color and design power.

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February 2019 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

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