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sRGB 147, 68, 127.  HEX #93447F   NCS 3050-R40B


March 2020 Color Marketing Group Color Alert Crown

Crown Defies the Ordinary!

With the quest to reach higher states of human spirituality, and nirvana, the color Crown emerges as a symbolic color of aspiration and attainment.

Originally arising from CMG’s North America 2018 color forecasts for 2020, Crown is a directional color created for use across all industries from electronics, to fashion, to home appliances. A relatively balanced violet, Crown recalls the chakra that plays a role in the positive energy flowing through an individual. The crown chakra is about wisdom and being at one with the world, and this hue offers balance, instilled with both strength and dignity.

Violet, in general, is a hue with history and meaning, but this new, rich version of violet moves beyond traditional definitions, Crown knows neither gender, nor age. It is a color that defies the ordinary and calmly presents a hue that suggests spirituality and sharing, as well as forward thought and an element of daring. Crown is an uplifting color for all.

Crown’s balance of red and blue, and its deeper value, is a unique choice for products, and for individuals. It is recognized as a color of self-awareness, but is also important as a hue for self-expression. The two sides of Crown, warm red and cool blue, come together to offer a moment of ultimate color expression, powerful and respectful.

Home appliances will take on a new vibe with Crown, with everything from water kettles to vacuums benefitting from its spiritual, yet fun, color. Everyday items celebrated with Crown, such as scissors, cookware, and flashlights become elevated to occasions of fun. With Crown as its color you can almost imagine your stapler attaining a higher aura. Well, perhaps just not jamming up.

The gender neutrality of Crown is perfect to create garments for women and men, and girls and boys. Take Crown to the streets in kicks in full monochromatic glory, or with multiple colors enhanced by this modern hue. Everything from day wear to outerwear, sports attire to eveningwear will be re-tuned with this violet. Its inner energy creates colorful clothing and accessories that stand out, and make a stand, signifying personal strength and power.

Rise with the color of Crown as this inspired color of higher spirituality is also the color of higher energy and fun.

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March 2020 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean



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