2023 December Color Alert®

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December 2023 Color Alert®

3040-B; 62, 133, 165; #3E85A5

Inspiración from Latin America

Healing • Regenerative • Pure


November 2023 Color Alert

End the calendar year with Inspiración!

Blue, pure and simple, what a great way to end one year, and set forth on another. The blue of Inspiración, Spanish for Inspiration, is meant to symbolize the diffusion of light through the healing process. It is reminiscent of the constant flow of water that sustains life. It is also a hue that suggests grace and being grateful for the opportunity to embrace constant change.

Inspiración emerged from Latin America Color Marketing meetings for 2023 to suggest regeneration and the restarting of the world. Its suggestion of fluidity helps carry the message of movement and pushing forward, over and around obstacles. With no influence from other hues, it is a medium chroma, solid, natural-looking, pure blue.

As a color that also suggests the nourishing aspects of water, it is an important color for health and wellness products and spaces. The value and chroma keep it from being pastel, and imbue it with more energy, but the cool nature maintains its calming effect.

Appearing in home décor and furnishings, Inspiración lends itself to residential and commercial environments such as interior home, hospitality, healthcare, office, and retail. Adding the ever-important dose of nature’s constant color to balance the present neutral greys and beiges, it’s an equally successful counterpart to olive green, mustard yellow, and sun-bleached terra cotta. Of course, it stands on its own in paint and textured wallcoverings and can be upfront on walls or peripherally subtle on ceilings. It is also an inviting hue for a welcoming front door. And as Inspiración is everywhere, it can be expected to influence fashion and accessories color, as well.

Design and color move forward as the world presses on. Embrace each day with the Inspiración that it holds.


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