November 2020 Color Alert®


HEX #346e56  NCS S 5030-G  sRGB 52, 110, 86



Green is refreshed and commands a new presence with Empower.

Suggesting a color that fills the landscape, offers the scent of fresh greens, and connotes the power of nature, Empower is emerging to lift the mind, spirit, and products! Empower holds a slightly traditional spell, symbolizing wisdom and crafts of old being passed from one generation to the next, but packs a new sort of punch for the power of green.

Approachable and familiar, yet still new and exciting, Empower was predicted during Color Marketing Group’s European meetings in 2018 to emerge in 2020. This is a positive hue, embodying the possibility of new growth and overcoming negativity, perfect for the times in which we live. Empower is a pure green, uninfluenced by other hues and balanced between light and dark, to create a look of stability and strength.

Appearing across all industries, Empower will color everything from interiors to exterior architecture, consumer goods to fashion, and practically everything between. It will also exhibit a wide range of finishes and sheens to customize its complementary nature.

Empower will be a color of welcome as it graces residential living and commercial spaces such as hospitality, office, health care, and retail. From entrance doors and building accents to lobby and table settings, Empower will accent spaces with a sense of growth and success.

Interior textiles translate to a natural, powerful level with Empower as the catalyst for the design in paint finishes, wallcoverings, floor coverings from rugs to broadloom, and luxury vinyl tile. Textiles will appear redefined with Empower as applied to velvet, silk, wool, leather, cotton, or vinyl. Empower is designed to transform the interior environment as a lush and comfortable enclave of natural color.

Consumer goods from countertop to electronics, sporting goods to fashion are going to be “empowered” as they extend the hue’s freshness and energy to numerous product categories. Everything can benefit from Empower!

In fashion, Empower caters to all genders and ages. Empower can appear crisp and bright in casual and tech fabrics for sports and recreation wear or sumptuous and comforting in textiles that suggest luxury and pampering. Or, combine the looks with a hue that crosses the lines and embraces all of fashion’s possibilities.

Green is refreshed with Empower and its trajectory as a truly directional green is underway.

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October 2020 CONTRIBUTORS:  Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet

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