2023 February Color Alert®

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February 2023 Color Alert®


Joyful• Upbeat • Energizing

0550-Y40R; 249, 169, 99; #FAA963

Mirada Alegre – our  Latin American 2023+ Key Color

CMG February Color Alert

Joyful• Upbeat• Energizing


Mirada Alegre, translating to Joyful Look, is a color to celebrate rejoining the world, loved ones, and regaining joy. Emerging from Latin America Color Marketing Group color meetings for 2023, it is a medium chroma orange, almost creamy in appearance, that exudes what its moniker suggests.

The hue’s soft energy balances its yellow and red components for a sense of freshness and pleasure. Bursting with warmth from the heart, it is a hue that suggests limitless love and care instead of quick-burning passion. It embodies the joy and euphoria of once again exchanging eye contact with loved ones in person.

In addition, it has a sumptuous quality that extends it beyond joy to something to be relished and adored. Indeed, “sumptuous” is not normally a word used to describe a color this light, but the succulent look of Mirada Alegre gives it a mouth-watering appeal that is difficult to resist, and one that feels full and luscious.

Poised to take on consumer goods, home decor and fashion, it can be used in various ways, in various products to express that “joyful look.” To create calming moods, it can be juxtaposed with soft blue tones that represent the air and water of the beach, or with quiet beiges and browns to establish tranquility and security.

Of course, joy is upbeat and to create energizing environments and products, add a high sheen and combine it with bright green to represent rebirth, or punchy shades of fuchsia or bright red to create a sharp look that expresses modernity.

No matter how it is used, Mirada Alegre will transmit feelings of color delight, and in turn, offer a truly “joyful look.”


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