2024 February Color Alert®

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February 2024 Color Alert®

Azoic from North America

Jolt • Energy • Visceral


2024 February Color Alert®

Azoic – our 2024+ North American Key Color

With a colorful jolt, Azoic brings high chroma color to life in ways that appeal naturally, mentally, and physically. This green-based yellow, considered the 2024 Key Color for the North American region, redefines what it means to think of yellow. 

As a color from nature, it is reminiscent of sulphur-laden hot springs, rich in minerals and earth deposits. Often seen along lake banks, it’s a natural accent color for home décor and accessories. It has energy that seems to bubble just beneath the surface and when used as an accent color to warm grey, dark blue, plum, or brown, it transfers its energy to those more laid back hues. It will add excitement to prints,  and make lacquered and glass items glow. Of course, textiles, rugs, and wall finishes will also benefit from its powerful color in varied materials from wool to satin. It also takes on sheen levels with passion as matte, velvety looks suggest its earthier side, and high gloss finishes reveal its bold light and powerful presence.

Some of that presence can be laid to the color’s roots in the brains’ visceral motor systems. Azoic is color rendered in charge of the flight or fight response that, either way, is full of action and purpose. It has an immediate, almost gut-punch response when viewed, but in a good way. Azoic is not a color to sit back and wait for things to happen. It IS what’s happening, no matter where it is used. For fashion and accessories, it will, again, benefit from various finishes and sheen levels, and could also have special effects. Shoes and bags, both sport and dress, will seemingly transform when Azoic has a color-shifting effect applied. In addition, the color feels revolutionary when coordinated with clothing in muted colors, or white-to-black neutrals.

And what better way to symbolize energy, and the readiness to take-off, than coating cars, SUVs, and motorcycles with this color. With a nod to the home décor market, vehicles will display sheen levels of this color in high-gloss and matte, with effects used to raise a bit of color hell on the road and in the parking lot. When wrapped in Azoic, vehicles appear to be moving, even when they are standing still.

A color of nature, visceral reactions, and overall power, Azoic is not to be ignored.


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