June 2020 Color Alert®

Funky Orange

HEX #F96E49   NCS S 0570-Y70R  sRGB 249, 110, 73

Funky Orange

Nothing rhymes with…

…actually, with a color as bright, fresh and glorious as Funky Orange, it doesn’t need to rhyme with anything. It is a color unique unto itself, like a best friend who is always upbeat.

Funky Orange, from CMG’s European 2018 color forecasts, has made a splash in clothing, for sure, but its unconventional vibe evokes feel good moments that are excellent for graphic design, hospitality design and architecture, home décor, action recreation, the list is for practically all industries.

A bright, powdery reddish-orange with a neon touch, Funky Orange is inspired by an adventurous spirit to take on life and the world’s challenges. With its laser sharp color focus, it is a color that commands attention, but with an optimistic attitude. The attention it commands is for progress, for reconsidering what is going on in the world, and making a strong, yet positive move forward. The warmth of Funky Orange soothes frazzled nerves, while the brightness of the color offers a positive note.

Funky Orange is a catalyst color, meaning it jumps on its own, and does the same for other hues. Whether seen in its simple glory, or mixed within a print or crazy quilt of patterns, Funky Orange has the energy to visually lift everything it touches.

With so much time spent at home, Funky Orange is the color for a happy place, something very much in demand at the moment. Whether a small corner, or full on space, lamp base or sofa, Funky Orange delights with a hue that still feels new and uncharted, yet vaguely familiar and easy to use.

Funky Orange is a great way of making a statement without saying a word. It can light up graphics for signage or packaging in a way that connects consumers with its neon-esque guise. It’s not simply orange, it’s orange with a pulsing energy. Funky Orange pops against darker hues like navy, plum, or charcoal, and feels fresh from the garden with sky blue, light green, and yellow.

Funky Orange is there for you when you need a boost of spirit or jolt of energy. Think of Funky Orange as the color best friend you don’t get to see often enough, but is always able to brighten the day.

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June 2020 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean

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