February 2020 Color Alert®

Hybrid Blue

sRGB 143, 177, 224    NCS S 1040-R80B    HEX #8fb1e0

Hybrid Blue

CMG Color Alert Hybrid Blue

See Clearly with Hybrid Blue!

2020 is trending as a year to see “see clearly” and seek more balance, and Hybrid Blue is a color created to reflect those desires. It launches forward within the design world to bridge light blue and lavender in a fresh and balanced way. Essentially blue, but with a strong red influence, Hybrid Blue is light and clear with a minimum of toning and a mid-range chroma. Historically, it may have been identified as Periwinkle, but Hybrid Blue is more modern, with a sharper, brighter edge.

Originally emanating from CMG’s Asia Pacific 2018 color forecasts for 2020, Hybrid Blue is a trend color with international appeal and seemingly endless applications. As the name suggests, Hybrid Blue is not just one color, or inspiration, or use. It is designed to be embraced by all, masculine and feminine, young and not-so-young, traditional and modern. Hybrid Blue has the ability to hover between definitions yet act as a uniting color.

Hybrid Blue displays an inner warmth, defined by its underlying red influence, and can suggest winter landscapes as well as spring gardens. It is a modern, influencer color, that is ideal for fashion. It is a sharp color for sports and casual wear in hi-tech nylon or cotton and is as engaging on a ski parka as it is on a polo shirt. Hybrid Blue can adopt a unique look in wool or silk, adding depth and luminosity to the hue for business wear and outerwear. As a color that mixes disparate cool and warm hues, Hybrid Blue crosses gender and age lines to create a color for all.

Blue, in general, continues to be important an important color trend as the decade unfolds, and Hybrid Blue will add its unique look to interior design, as well. Its ability to cross lines was part of the color’s selection for commercial and residential spaces. As a backdrop to natural materials like stone and wood, Hybrid Blue releases its nature influenced side as a unifying color for design. Whether in paint, flooring, textiles, upholstered furnishings, or accessories, Hybrid Blue is an important color to tie together elements and create a design moment of unity.

As a unifying color, Hybrid Blue will also appear in accessories for fashion and home, bridging other colors and patterns. From handbags to blenders, luggage to personal electronics, it is a hue that will move effortlessly between applications, genders, age groups and products.

A hue designed for all, Hybrid Blue predicts a unified color decade ahead.

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February 2020 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean

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