2024 January Color Alert®

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January 2024 Color Alert®

Busco! from Latin America

Fresh • Versatile • Progressive


2024 January Color Alert®

Busco! – our 2024+ Latin American Key Color

Start the new year with the fresh light purple that is Busco! Its name, Spanish for “I search” is the perfect combination of color and moniker to begin the venture into 2024. 

Full of hope and energy, Busco! was predicted for 2024 in 2022 CMG Latin America meetings and is considered the key color for the region. With its energy and style, however, it is certain to be embraced internationally. A balance of red and blue, is countered by its lightness that lets it rise and feel airy and fresh. It has an underlying warmth that is welcoming, but also cheekily declares, “Stand aside, I’m on a quest!”

That quest has many paths and Busco! is a multi-faceted color, associated with mystical as well as digital imagery. Its light value lets it soar, carrying its uniqueness to new heights as it plays a color game like few others. It is “versed” in style and meaning and could well be embraced as the color of the metaverse. Bold, new, forward, and forever on the search for the new.

Pair it with an acid yellow hue to create an energized color combination, or use it to warm up grey and beige palettes with a touch lilac light. Busco! works with many other hues, such as deep green influenced brown and navy blue. And for an amusing vintage hit, think mod fashion mixing it with orange, hot pink and lime green.

Certain to appear in fashion, as the seasons progress, Busco! will also be an accent color for home interiors, textile prints, and graphic design. It expands whatever “verse” in which it appears and can perform in any of them.

Busco! the color with which to search for the new and exciting in the new year.


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