2023 June Color Alert®

June 2023 Color Alert®

Social • Optimistic • Engaged

0540 G80Y, 240, 232, 127, #E7E47E

What Experience! from Europe

Social • Optimistic • Engaged



As the world continues to unwind the knots of the past few years, it is time to rejoin the world, embrace friends and family, travel to far flung locales, visit new places to dine and relax, in essence, it’s time to experience life again, living it to the fullest.

With that, the bold, bright hue of What Experience! has burst into the color world full of promise, energy, and vitality. It is a color that appears forward thinking as it hovers between physical and digital spaces. It may, indeed, be a perfect color representation of “phygital.” Possessing a vibe that is natural and fresh, it also casts a glow that could easily be construed as virtual and augmented.

As is often the case, the hue may have had its roots in discussions at CMG’s 2021 European meetings, for emergence in 2023, but it has international appeal. It is a light, medium chroma yellow, with green influences, that appears to take action on its own. It is a color of movement and gathering, suggesting shared moments in environments illuminated with its crisp color.

As a color that suggests joyous gatherings, this yellow will be found in many spaces that will merge the familiar with the futuristic. Residential and commercial interiors lead the charge as people come together again, sharing events anew. From accent walls, to flooring, textiles to furnishings, and accessories, of course, What Experience! roars forward to entice and define moments of joy. Consider it with dark plum, espresso brown or charcoal grey as a mood lift. Or combine it with more chromatic hues to create a high energy collection of colors. It elevates traditional design as it embraces its modern edge.

The world is reconnecting and its physical and digital realms continue to come together. Through all of this, the refreshing color of What Experience! leads the way. It is real, it is virtual, it is a color of shared experiences.

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