Libertad Virtual (Virtual Freedom)

November 2021 Color Alert®

Libertad Virtual (Virtual Freedom)

HEX #1c2862, sRGB 30, 40, 98, NCS 5540 R70B

Libertad Virtual (Virtual Freedom)

Dark Blue, your meaningful hue.

Blue comes in many guises from light to dark, but its deep versions set the heart racing with intrigue. Whether navy, midnight, deep space, or any of the other words to describe dark blue, the hue can suggest voyages through spaces and worlds of mystery as well as enlightenment.

It is a color to delve into, often virtually, hence the appropriate moniker of Libertad Virtual (Virtual Freedom). This dark blue, discerned at Color Marketing Group Latin America meetings, for emergence in 2021, is an immersive color that offers a deep, subtle color journey that can burst with life and enthusiasm when coordinated with other hues.

Recognized as perfectly classic, it also has the ability to morph personalities when sheen levels, textures, and finishes are used to create a different mood or sensation. Libertad Virtual can be virtually anything you want.

Visual communications and hospitality join applications in home, fashion and automotive as places where this deep blue hue can excel.

For commercial interiors, it is a hue of welcome, comfort, and ease. The looks as varied as the design can be when used in velvet, gloss paint, or porcelain. Each piece is lifted in a different way as the dark blue enhances each of the materials. It is also an elevated color for branding and creates an aura, virtual though it may be, of stability and authority. The color, whether digital or analog, creates a sense of space and richness.

It is widely appreciated that midnight blue eveningwear photographs well and can make the wearer look more refreshed, navy cars exude the same authority as black but with a sportier attitude, and dark-wash indigo upwardly adjusts styling for denim.

For residential interiors, much has been made of dark blue kitchen cabinetry and counter surfaces, as well as paint, upholstery, and textiles. It works with other hues, wood, metals, stone, and practically any other material you can imagine.

A color recognized for its classic uses, it now raises the bar, and awareness, to a virtual space where it can be almost anything you want, in any material. It’s up to you.

Enjoy the freedom of Libertad Virtual.

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November 2021 CONTRIBUTORS:  Sandy Sampson, Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, and Judith van Vliet

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