2023 March Color Alert®

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March 2023 Color Alert®


Powerful• Sumptuous • Secure

9000-N; 36, 29, 33; #251D21

Bohld – our North American 2023+ Key Color

Powerful• Sumptuous• Secure

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” Wednesday Addams

Powerful, sumptuous, secure, and timeless are only a few of the adjectives used to describe black. It is a color of power and mystery with a unique attitude. Yohji Yamamoto described it as “modest and arrogant” and that it proclaims, “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.”

Bohld, emerging as the North American Key color for 2023, is a color for the times, easily morphing and representing a new positivity rooted in its depth. It does not carry influences as it is a true neutral with no color nuances. Technically, black is a value, used to augment other colors, but let’s face it, as the modern design world thinks, black is as much a color as chartreuse or puce.

In its name, the silent “h” connotes its secret power. It is there, but as a reminder that black holds quiet strength, and easily stands on its own or supports other hues with its inherent power. It can be muted and earthy when realized in a matte finish, or sparkling and fresh in a high-gloss sheen. “Sparkling and fresh?” Imagine a wash of black sequins and beads over a garment, or the flowing lines of a sports car, and that description is firmly within grasp.

In residential and commercial design it is becoming, somewhat tongue in cheek, the new navy, with black kitchens, bathrooms, practically any room, taking on the depth of Bohld. Surfaces, decorative accessories, appliances, plumbing; all are taking on black as they take a stand of their own. Including, of course, Wednesday Addam’s room.

Fashion and black have been together for ages, and in more modern times, since the advent of the LBD, now it’s always, anything, anytime, anywhere, in black. Especially Wednesday Addam’s wardrobe.

Reconsider anything you may have thought about black in the past, it is a colorful symbol of power, stability and modernism. Embrace it in shadow and blazing light.

Now, more than ever, is the time to be Bohld.


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