2022 May Color Alert®

By May 2, 2022Color Alert 2022

May 2022 Color Alert®

(CALM) UNITY- 6005-R20B, 117, 103, 108, #75676C

If ever there was a time for a deep, nurturing neutral, it is now!

Actually, that’s been the case for the past couple of years, but now it is emerging. As the coolness of grey is further moved aside for the continued color warming trend of colors, (CALM)Unity enters as a low chroma, slightly muddy hue that whispers of strength, resilience and hope.

The color name is a play off the word “community” as the world strives to come to grips with communities large and small that need healing, support, and a celebration of their identities. (CALM)Unity’s deep value and low chroma offer a hue that feels grounded and a bit sumptuous, while its barely perceptible red and blue undertones offer a rich nuance of color.

Originally predicted in North America, to emerge in 2022, it is still a color of the world as it acts as a color support system for other hues and finishes. Considered a color for commercial and residential interiors, home décor, fashion and accessories, and even visual communications, (CALM)Unity will snuggle up and be the support system for almost anything in design.

In residential home or commercial interiors, it can grace walls and ceilings, influence the stain color of wood flooring, as a comfortable backdrop, or call to mind a beloved stuffed toy as it wraps upholstered furniture in bouclé, velvet, or wool. As color hue to embrace others, it will be enticing coordinated with dark orange, maroon, or soft white. It can also exhibit its connection to nature when working with periwinkle blue, pistachio green, or a metallic bronze. (CALM)Unity is a perfect color to enter the “Resimmercial” world of design.

Despite the depth of the color, it is a year round hue, offering an excellent alternative to black for fashion. Accessories such as shoes, tote bags, and personal electronics may appear neutral, but there is nothing neutral about (CALM)Unity’s ability to pull together a look. Various fabrics from canvas to silk will offer a sultry look without looking oppressive. It is, actually, the opposite of oppressive, it is the springboard for garments and styles formal or casual.

A color for the world, that can carry the world’s colors on its shoulders, (CALM)nity is here to offer support and trust.


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May 2022 CONTRIBUTORS:  Paula Leonard, Cindy Green, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, and Judith van Vliet

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