2023 May Color Alert®

May 2023 Color Alert®

Transendent • Sumptuous • Phygital • Met-violet

3040-R70B 110, 119, 173 #6E77AD

3060-R70B 67, 68, 153 #444499

4055-R70B 50, 45, 123 #332E7C

4550-R70B 48, 41, 114 #302A72

Alien Blue from Asia Pacific 

Phygi Blue from Europe 

Techno Blitz from Latin America

Come Along from North America

Transcendent • Sumptuous• Phygital• Meta-Violet



Nothing is partisan about the new violet emerging into the design world for 2023. Though presenting variations in value, a core color has arrived and is essentially the same across all four of CMG’s regions. North America’s Come Along, Europe’s Phygi Blue Asia Pacific’s Alien Blue, and Latin America’s Techno Blitz have been realized in the same strong red, heavily influenced with blue. The combination begets a violet hue that translates across products and design disciplines, as well as international borders.

Researched by each region throughout 2021, for arrival in 2023, this rich hue is an evolutionary violet that shares similar definitions around the world. It is symbolic of technology, digital lifestyles, and is a color of inclusivity that transcends boundaries to recognize that similarities are stronger than differences. That is clearly true for this array of violets.

Its growing popularity around the world parallels its growing use across product categories. Initially considered for regional categories of automotive, fashion, home, consumer goods, etc., the fact that it is so broadly embraced means that those varied items, and more, will make violet-colored appearances around the globe. As mentioned, the value may be a bit lighter or darker, depending on the application, but the core color is identical and is ready to take on the world.

No matter the value, these violet examples  can create a sumptuous mood with a matte finish for interior walls, or upholstery, create a meta-reality with a metallic or special effect finish with personal electronics or visual communications, or glisten with a high-gloss sheen on an auto or sports bike. Whatever form is embraced by this worldly violet, it will intrigue, delight, and deliver.

Embrace a color that offers an expansive, open view and shed any preconceived notions about partisan color, the world appears to agree that this violet is a winner.

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