October 2020 Color Alert®

Mono Tasking

HEX #14334a  NCS S 7020-R90B  sRGB 20, 51, 74

Mono Tasking

CMG October Color Alert® Mono Tasking

Mono Tasking Ideal for Design Now

Intense and focused, Mono Tasking is a color for contemplation and strength, and far from singular in action.

Blue is often seen as modest and friendly, but Mono Tasking expresses blue’s other attributes of authority and power. Predicted in 2018 during Color Marketing Group’s European meetings to emerge in 2020, Mono Tasking introduces a trend-forward, directional dark blue that moves beyond traditional navy and midnight blues.

Mono Tasking may have an appealing, familiar blue origin, but this deep version is emerging in products that stand well on their own, exuding a special sense of purpose and clout. Fashion is a forerunner as Mono Tasking creates an aura of authority, with an edge of purpose, yet warm thanks to its subtle red undertone.

Mono Tasking can be sharp and concise, or sumptuous and comforting. No matter the material, Mono Tasking is an influential color in clothing and accessories, especially items within the “zoom” view. As the world continues to open up, Mono Tasking will be used to add steadiness and calm to fashion looks, and appearing well in most light conditions, and respectful of gender, age, and ethnicity, Mono Tasking is suited as a relatively neutral hue that can complement anyone.

For interior spaces, Mono Tasking is an important addition to deep color options. It has a commanding presence or takes a background position to support a space and the items within. Walls and ceilings may be redefined with Mono Tasking in a variety of sheens from matte to polished gloss. Furnishings, textiles, rugs, and accessories employ a splash of Mono Tasking’s quiet strength to create grounding aesthetics. An inviting sofa adds a single, grounding visual note in Mono Tasking, while smaller pieces such as chairs or accessories add moments for the eye to settle and the mind declutter.

Beyond home and fashion, Mono Tasking appears in personal care products, electronics, automotive, and action recreation. Defined as a hue for decluttering and narrowing focus makes Mono Tasking ideal for design now.

Mono Tasking, a singular color that can take on any design task or product aesthetic.

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October 2020 CONTRIBUTORS:  Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet

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