2023 November Color Alert®

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November 2023 Color Alert®

Optema – 1080-Y20R; 233,152,0; #EA9900

Candy Orange – 2070-Y20R; 207,134,0; #CF8600

Candy Orange from Asia Pacific and Optema from North America

Warm • International • Tactile

2023 November Color Alert

Local in inspiration, global in color!

With names like Candy Orange and Optema, these colors can only be positive and upbeat. They are the warming antidote to dark moods and dark skies. Though different in initial inspirations, the hue is the same red influenced yellow with only a bit of value and chroma separating them.

Candy Orange, from Asia Pacific, is a high chroma, rich yellow with an orange aesthetic. It draws its inspirations from natural fibers and wood finishes. The color is warm-hearted and tactile and is desirable for interior spaces in furnishings, wall finishes, textiles, and accessories. Imagine cozying up in a fuzzy upholstered chair in this hue, or dining in surroundings that suggest golden woods, and golden evening skies.

Optema, from North America, is also highly chromatic, with its warm and intense red influence. It is evocative of a completely optimized designed space, one that brings attention and pleasure to the senses. Optema intrigues the eye with its energy and warmth and is a color of deep happiness, neither frivolous nor juvenile. It translates, as well, to interior design, touching on many of the same moods as Candy Orange, and both will expand into consumer goods, fashion, and communications.

With such far flung origins, it is not surprising that these colors are going global, as well. They can be made more “local” with changes in sheen, special effects, or anything else that speaks to regionalized products and lifestyles. Whether the color of a wall or coat, casual shoes or kitchen appliance, Candy Orange and Optema offer a shared sense of warmth and joy.

They can stand alone, but their strong chroma allows them to coordinate beautifully with other powerful hues. Consider combining them with plum, navy, or magenta, or all four together, for a new take on a modern palette. Or create a color story that is woodland focused with deep brown, hunter green, and mushroom white to tell a story of connectivity and eco-consideration.

The global reach of Candy Orange and Optema are also seasonless. The month of November sees the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and summer below the equator, and these similar colors are celebrations of warmth no matter where they are found and used.

Whether locally or globally, celebrate the colors of Candy Orange and Optema and feel the warmth.


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