2023 October Color Alert®

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October 2023 Color Alert®

1020-R80B; 181, 198, 216; #B5C6D8

Answers from Asia Pacific

Trusting • Natural • Contemplative

2023 October Color Alert

Find your peace, with Answers

As the world continues to struggle with trust issues, transparency, and a need for independence and personal power, blue is there to help. It is a color of nature, uplifting and true, and is considered a “color friend.” It is a color offering to assuage the concerns of humanity.

That’s a lot for a color to take on, but Answers, a low chroma, clear and soft, red-based blue, attempts to visually restore trust and calm. Its relative lightness counters the dark side of technology, stress and plaintive moods. It does not take over the situation, however. Instead, it is there as a quiet partner, offering stability and serenity.

Discussed, originally, in the Asia Pacific region, to gain importance in 2023, it is appearing on the world stage, and is expected to continue into next year in residential home décor and accessories, architectural coatings, small appliances, and consumer goods. It is likely to transfer to hospitality as well, softening the look of hotel rooms and reception areas with its subtle value.

Initially considered as a translucent color, illuminated as light passes through it, it will be translated to sheer textiles, colored glass and modern plastics, and change its look with metallic effects and glossy sheens. With its translucent aura, Answers takes on an almost spiritual, peaceful air, underscoring its take as a color for trust.

Of course, it is equally uplifting in as a solid hue. For interiors, consider it for furnishings in many different textiles from smooth sateen to fuzzy textures, or a finish on cabinetry and tables. It moves easily from residential bedroom to hotel room as a color respite from the day, whether at home, or on the road. Interior rooms connect to nature with this airy hue and walls and ceilings seem to expand and breathe with this affirming color.

It can serve as a quiet accent with deeper hues such as olive, espresso and burnt red, and is refreshing with white, off-white, tan, and grey. Answers’ ability to add a civilized, comforting color touch to the interior (and sometimes exterior) design-scape makes it an excellent choice for anxious times.

So many color options exist for interior design and décor, and it can be stressful to choose. Fortunately, it is timely, and comforting to have Answers.

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