2022 September Color Alert®

By September 1, 2022Color Alert 2022

September 2022 Color Alert®

CLARITY – 1550-R80B, 102,151,214, #6697D6

“Blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies, do I see.”


And if that blue sky isn’t overhead, bring it to life in other ways! A wall (or ceiling!), chair, or perhaps a dress or mobile phone cover. No matter how a blue sky is mimicked, it brings a moment of freshness and joy, even on a cloudy day.

Clarity represents expansive blue skies with their uplifting freshness. It is a color with which to soar, to banish anything negative, and embrace the day with a fresh breath of color. Appearing blue with a touch of red that, despite its medium chromaticity, appears deep and intense, it is a color that creates a lofty mood.

Having initially emerged from Color Marketing Asia Pacific meetings, Clarity is being embraced globally. And yes, the need for global clarity is certainly part of the name’s inspiration.  As is often the case with blue, this version is also recognized for its broad appeal and connection to nature, but also its seemingly boundless reach and broad acceptance.

Interiors, both residential and commercial, will be enhanced and freshened with this blue. It is almost a given, in many parts of the world, that blue offers a comforting vibe. More importantly, it is happening in healthcare and wellness environments where it helps to further the message of mental and physical wellbeing in purpose designed environments. From walls to furnishings, artwork to graphic design, Clarity is a color that is becoming elemental in visually defining a healthy space. It coordinates well with a wide range of neutral colors, as well as evolving palettes of terra cotta, deep green, and cocoa brown.

Clarity’s blue also offers a fresh alternative to workday denim. As the world continues to open up and travel, even if it’s just to the office, Clarity offers a fashion color statement that is on point and in control, expressing a bold individual statement. In addition, accessories both fashion and personal (i.e. phone covers) receive a boost from this hue to increase the style quotient of everyday attire.

Blue can come off as wholesome and simple, but Clarity offers a different color note. One that is crisp, interesting, and intimates hope; for blue skies to smile down on you.


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September 2022 CONTRIBUTORS:  Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet, Sekisui KYDEX®, and Koroseal.

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